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Designer Profile 

FIONA KWASI TORNOW is the founder and Fashion Designer of a womenswear brand based in Nairobi Kenya carrying the brand FIONA KAY.

Having travelled to 6 continents over a period of a decade, she enjoys a vast appreciation and experience of different cultures and is well acquainted to different artistic values and ways of living in every continent. An experience that is influential in the way she creates.

Fiona has mingled and interacted with over 100 different cultures around the world , from the small villages in the mountains of Peru, to atelier masters in south of France, Ceramic and crafts makers in Morocco and Tunisia . Dedicated fabric weavers from Ghana ,Glass blowers and painters from Venice among others . She thus, brings a

unique blend of a Global multicultural influence

intertwined with her East African Heritage.

Her love for Abstract, contemporary Arts and architecture , continues to serve as an enormous and main inspiration towards her choice of silhouettes in designing. With periodic visits to showcases and exhibitions of artists such as Carlos ramous of Italy, a protagonist of the limit of space and Daniel Libeskind , a polish architect of solid lines and spaces.

FIONA continues to seek drive in the spirit of the unknown. cultures unknown to her, languages unspoken to her and Age groups not of her own .

Coming from a long lineage of fashion creators, her grandmother, an impeccable seamstress, her grandfather, a cotton farmer and English teacher, Her aunties, carpet weavers, seamstresses and fabric weavers, Fiona is now the youngest member to follow in the lineage. With a Global perspective.

FIONA studied Bachelor of fine Arts at the Academy of Arts University, SAN Francisco . Majoring in fashion design and pattern making. Her prowess and qualifications as a designer involve , fashion illustration and rendering, pattern Making, fabric manipulation and draping techniques as well as sewing and construction techniques,

Aside from the latter, fiona is also the master of inventing techniques of her own, adopting them into her seasonal collections.

In 2015, fiona briefly returns to her home town in Nairobi Kenya to launch the first flagship store. She would call it, FIONA KAY BRAND with an introduction of her 1st prêt â couture pieces. A crossbreed of prêt-â-porter and Hâute couture.